Traditional disaster recovery infrastructures have failed to keep pace with business requirements for fast and satisfactory recovery at a reasonable cost.

Smart-DR from PTCL, allows you to protect your live workloads from a single point of control. Changes in workloads can be captured incrementally on whatever schedule is most appropriate to each workload, enabling us to help you restore workloads from the most recent replication, or from a particular point in time. In the event of downtime, operations can be quickly transferred to Smart – DR and run on Smart – DR until the primary workload is restored.

Protect Your Business Critical Servers Today!!

  • Physical or virtual Servers
  • Running any application running on Windows or Linux
  • Complete stack covering Operating System, Application, Configuration and Data
  • Over LAN or WAN
  • With Simple Management Interface
  • Easy DR Testing
  • Ability to recover from Outage in Minutes
  • Flexibility to failback on Physical or Virtual instance
  • Point in time recovery to save on bandwidth.

Insure Your DR Strategy With Smart-DR Where Our Engineers Will Deliver:

    • Migration & Protection of your servers to DR Infrastructure without impacting your production servers
    • DR Infrastructure for the number of servers to be protected
    • Failover of DR services within a maximum of 30 minutes of the Production outage
    • Quarterly DR Testing Reports to demonstrate Compliance and fine tune the RPO / RTO
    • Failback to your choice of x86 Hardware – Same or Dissimilar
    • Includes Co – location charges (bandwidth utilization on actuals)*
    • Storage charges limited to 200GB per workload*