• Largest redundant Optical Fiber Network covering over 840 cities of Pakistan.
  • Optical Fiber extending over 20,000 Km.
  • The only Company with country wide IP-MPLS Network.
  • Largest Broadband Infrastructure covering about 360 Exchanges in major & small cities.
  • Largest country wide Long Haul DWDM backbone with a capacity of 40 Lambda.
  • Only Network supporting 3 levels of international redundant connectivity.
  • Largest Metro DWDM network supporting high capacity bandwidth applications
  • MSAN: C5 Soft Switch based Multi Services Access Network based on FTTC.
  • Multiple Last Mile Options like DSL, DXX, Radio, VSAT, SDH, OFAN, MSAGs, and CE
    Routers etc.
  • Largest Country wide CDMA-WLL Network.
  • Largest provider of IP Bandwidth with 30G Capacity.
  • Largest Transit and NGN C4 & C5 based switching network.
  • Grand NOC: Network Operations Centre for Country wide Network Elements Visibility.